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Rebecca Compardo, Education Director

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Rebecca Compardo is the Director of the Indiana New Story School. Rebecca joined the New Story team 10 years ago as a Behavioral Specialist Consultant prior to taking leader-ship roles as both Assistant Clinical Director and Clinical Director of the Clinical Program. Under her leadership, Rebecca has implemented new programming geared towards developing and building on students’ verbal skills. Rebecca has a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology/Clinical Sociology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Masters of Arts in Adult and Community Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Rebecca has also earned her BCBA certification from Penn State University.

“One of the things that I love most about our school is that we teach our students about choices.  Our lives are a result of the choices we make…if we don’t like the direction that our life is going, then it is time to start making better choices.  Every day we get the opportunity to teach our student how to do this, so that they can be successful in whatever path they choose for the rest of their lives.” – Rebecca Compardo

“Every child deserves a champion – an adult who will never give up on the them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.” – Rita Pierson

Administrator Portrait

Christina Price, Assistant Education Director

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Christina Price is the Assistant Education Director of the Indiana New Story School. Christina joined the New Story team 16 years ago as a Therapeutic Support Staff, moved into the role of Special Education teacher joining the leadership team in the role of Assistant Education Director. Christina has a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation with a concentration in both Religion and Psychology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a Masters of Education in Special Education and is certified in Middle School English from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

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Stephanie Freno, Administrative Assistant

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Stephanie Freno is the Administrative Assistant at the Indiana New Story School. Stephanie joined the New Story team almost 10 years ago and has worked in various capacities, including Program Coordinator for the Clinical Programs, which has given her a widespread understanding of the company as a whole. She recently joined the NS Indiana School Team full-time in 2017. She loves getting to see and interact with the students on a daily basis and welcomes the opportunities to assist staff, students and families!


“You don’t need a reason to help people” ~ Author Unknown

Administrator Portrait

Susan Griffith, Regional Director of Education
ph: (724) 463-5390 Ext. 233

Susan Griffith, M.Ed is the Regional Director of Education for New Story’s Western Region. She has 9 years of experience in Special Education, Curriculum and Instruction, and Leadership. She started with New Story in 2013 and has obtained Bachelors of Science- Elementary Education, Masters of Education- Special Education, Doctorate in Curriculum & Instruction. She is currently working on dissertation “ABD status”- All But Dissertation. Susan attended Michigan State University, Oakland University, and Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

In her free time, Susan likes to spend time with her husband and two young children. They enjoy several extra-curricular activities throughout the week, including dance, gymnastics, and swim. She enjoys spending a lot of time with family. She is also actively working towards the completion of her dissertation, which is focused on autism support classrooms in public schools. She is an active member at the local YMCA, where she serves on the Board. Recently, she joined Leadership Indiana County, which is a course available to professionals in the community interested in growing in their leadership by organizing a large-scale community service project.

“My position allows me the freedom to think about operations and programming in a creative way, among a group of strong leaders who are focused on our students.” – Susan Griffith M.Ed

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Laura Vossen-Weyant, Office Manager

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Kim Schloder, Assistant Office Manager

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Joyce Mowery, Administrative Assistant

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Justin Hazlett, Information Technology

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Tracy Hockenberry, Operations Director/Director of EMR

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